Zippy the Little Rescuer (2020) – Ira Alice

Title:Zippy the Little Rescuer
Author:Ira Alice
Date of publication:2020
Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Disclaimer:I was kindly sent a copy of this book from Ira Alice the author in exchange for an honest review

After reading Ukrainian children’s author Ira Alice’s book The Sunny Adventure in 2019 I was excited to be sent another addition to Ira Alice’s Animal World series. Along with delightful illustrations from Elena Teplova Zippy the Rescuer is another huge achievement. I was once again taken on a magical journey through the wonderful natural world, met an assortment of adorable characters and learned some lessons along the way.

Zippy is a hare who lives with his mother and sister Nicy in a forest under a viburnum bush near a lake. His sister is very sick and whilst his mother takes care of her Zippy is in charge of bringing home cabbages for the family for dinner. One day Zippy forgets to bring food home, and is told by his mother that his sister desperately needs medicine. His mother also informs poor Zippy that hares are known to be rather cowardly.

After learning about a human doctor who may have animal medicine for his sister Zippy sets off into the unknown despite his fear of humans. Along the way he meets a grasshopper named Jumper who warns him of the evils of humans but still points him in the right direction.

After a downpour Zippy meets a striped boar named Snout who helps him out of a puddle and carries him to the doctor’s village. Before meeting a cat named Ginger who will help Zippy finally reach the doctor, the little hare will meet a couple of rather opinionated geese and a very angry dog.

Finally Ginger and a helpful sheep called Fleecy bring Zippy to a kindly animal doctor whose medicine will cure Nicy, but first he will have to figure out a way to get the medicine without speaking to a big scary human being.

In the end Zippy will learn all about being brave, the importance of family and how the world is filled with friends we have yet to meet.

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