The Sunny Adventure (2019) – Ira Alice

Title: The Sunny Adventure
Author: Ira Alice
Date published: 2019
Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Slipping quietly out of my comfort zone here and into the realm of one of the most delightful children’s books I have ever had the privilege of reading. This surprising little book which was translated by Nina Kutia was written by Ukrainian author Ira Alice who graciously sent this book to me in exchange for an honest review. Having not read a children’s book in quite a number of years I jumped at the chance to read this one because quite simply I am the reader I am today because of the books I devoured as a child.


Alice’s book is all about the most adorable little fox named Redkin whose mother decides that it’s time for her baby to start finding her own food. In turn she also has to learn to bring home food for her mother, and wearily sets off into the unknown to do just that. On the way Redkin meets Loudcroak, a frog who is determined to help his new found friend. Redkin had noticed delicious sunbeams in the forest and decided that this was the food she needed to catch for her mother. Along with her new friend Redkin set off to catch the sun and bring it home for supper.

In the forest they trot along in search of the sun, and meet up with a very confident squirrel named Fluffy whose energy and optimism are almost contagious. Fluffy offers to take them to the sun. After the almost treacherous crossing of a river they then meet a hare named Zippy who is a lot more cautious than Fluffy and also offers to take them to the sun. As the friend’s epic adventure continues night time is getting closer, and Redkin is starting to fear she will never find food for Mother Fox. Despite all the troubles they face Loudcroak refuses to leave her side.

As the end of their journey looms a surprise will be awaiting the two friends that will test their friendship and their love for one another.

This is an extremely intelligent children’s book that not only focuses on friendship, and loyalty but also on tolerance, love and the idea that your dreams can and should be as big as you want them to be! Illustrated by the superbly talented Elena Teplova, The Sunny Adventure is a truly refreshing book that will please and delight not only children from the ages 6 and up, but I believe quite a few adults too.

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